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Addictive Behaviour

Addictions, including drug and alcohol use and gambling, have often had a detrimental impact on resident's mental and physical health.

As part of their recovery residents are supported to consider the role that addictions have played in their lives and to ensure that they have strategies in place for preventing addictions causing harm to them and those important to them in future. Residents address any addictive behaviour through one to one work with their key-worker, counsellor and in-house support groups as appropriate.

Residents are also supported to address any relapse into addictive behaviour through looking at the possible causes and considering strategies for preventing this occurring again in future.
Almond Villas refer to and work with local drug and alcohol services in order to ensure residents receive all the support necessary to manage addictive behaviour. We also support residents to attend peer support groups as necessary, including Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

addictive behaviour
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