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Here are a few of the comments made by our clients and customers in our recent customer surveys;

"Almond Villas is one of the few residential establishments that provides evidence of therapeutic input."

"Competent, co-operative staff and a positive atmosphere to the location."

"A well staffed, structured environment that motivates clients."

"Almond Villas is more cost effective than local alternatives with better outcomes."

"Offers residents a good standard of 24 hour care whilst promoting the individuals independence."

"Almond Villas provides a high quality standard of care."

"Has the ability to meet individual needs and manage risks."

"Almond Villas delivers the service they agreed to."

"A professional and competent approach to psychiatric rehabilitation with realistic goals and firm boundaries."

"Almond Villas provides quality rehabilitation with knowledgeable staff used to working with complex needs."

"Almond Villas service is good quality, has a good success rate and the ability to manage forensic service users."

"Almond Villas is an appropriate "step down" from forensic care with structure and goals."

Resident comments following completion of rehabilitation;

"Almond Villas helped me to learn to cope with my life and understand my illness. Thank you for looking after me."

"I feel Almond Villas gave me the time and space that I needed to sort my head out."

"I found Almond Villas staff helpful and encouraging. I have completed several College courses since starting my rehabilitation programme."

"Almond Villas helped me to re-assess my life and make changes."

"Almond Villas helped me with my diet and every part of my life in general."

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